Our Ethos

Safe Environments

Playdays is committed to providing safe and stimulating environments, offering high quality provisions and experiences where all children learn through play with the support of dedicated and highly qualified practitioners. Through our provisions we aim to meet the diverse needs of our local communities and offer outstanding care to all children.  

Key Staff Allocation

Every child that attends a Playdays setting will be allocated a key person who will monitor the progress of their individual children and provide appropriate support so that they can reach their full potential.  

Dedicated Carers

In order to offer the best settings we seek to provide welcoming, friendly, dedicated and highly qualified workforces, where practitioners share knowledge with each other which enables them to support parent/carers effectively and work alongside other professionals to guarantee that all children are enjoying and developing within every area of their development.  

Child Welfare & Development

At Playdays every child’s welfare, development and best interests are of paramount importance to us and therefore, each child and family will be considered, treated and respected on an individual basis. At Playdays we understand that meeting the needs of all the children in our care is a shared responsibility and that in most cases the parent/carer and family are of central importance to the well-being of the child. Therefore, Playdays will always listen to the feelings, views and/or wishes of the parent/carers to ensure that the child’s needs are being met consistently between their home and nursery environment..  

Positive Planning

At Playdays we see every child as an individual and so their experiences along with the environment and resources available will be carefully and regularly planned for to promote positive learning and development, making sure that all children are provided with a wide range of experiences and activities that provide a balanced and diverse curriculum. Through looking at the individual child and the whole team approach (holistic), opportunities exist for the practitioners to have early identification of any concerns regarding a child’s development.  


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